A Team Building event by Neves de Almeida HR Consulting creates the ideal conditions to promote, integrate and develop the core skills for the success of a team. Communication, decision making, leadership, time and resources management and goals’ driven orientation are some of these core skills that are often combined with a common focus: reinforcing the interpersonal relationship, cohesion and team spirit. Neves de Almeida HR Consulting develops events that satisfy the clients’ needs, aligning the approach with the values and culture of the organization.


Neves de Almeida HR Consulting Team Building has four strands:

Lays in learning by experience. The participants are required to think out of the box about the team and the job, outside the daily context.
In a Social Responsibility context, it works in partnership with needed nonprofit organizations. The ultimate goal is to give more support and conditions to the people that benefit from these institutions.
Integration and application of Game Design in a team building context to develop skills in different and relaxed environments.
The partnership between coach and coachee inspires and emphasizes the search for professional goals. A highly individualized process that looks to maximize the personal and professional potential and achieve development goals.