Havas Media Group

Havas Media Group is one of the world’s largest global communications groups, specialized in media, digital communication and other services. We also developed projects with Arena and Havas Media, two of the commercial brands within the group.

To realize this objective, we developed projects over several years, incorporating team building activities to stimulate cooperation and communication, as well as to promote the concept that together they could achieve more than they ever could separately.

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The process started with a briefing and was followed by strategy meetings to look over various proposals until a consensus was reached as to which suggestion best addressed their needs. Leading up to the date of the event, we sent e-mail teasers to the participants and asked for them to provide us with some information related to the event, in order to pique their curiosity and get them involved before the activities began.

“Since 2013, Neves de Almeida | HR Consulting has been a fundamental part with the unconditional support they have given to Havas Media Group in all of the team building activities they have implemented. With an enormous capacity to fully understand our needs, expressed in the objectives of these actions, and the human resources profile in the Group, it reveals the creativity, capability, follow-up and professionalism that the Neves de Almeida team embraces in each challenge they face. Undisputedly, they are a true partner of Havas Media Group Portugal.”

Fernanda Marantes - CEO - Havas Media Group

Fernanda Marantes
CEO - Havas Media Group


In 2014, we organized an Arraial for 120 participants. We divided them into teams and had them participate in diverse trials that varied between extreme, creative and gastronomic challenges.

For Havas Media, we designed an activity for their 2015 kick-off: a dance competition between different teams. Each team was composed of one pair of dancers, along with a group of set designers, wardrobe and a presenter. Throughout the day, they had to create the choreography, scenery, costumes and to perform their dance. Through these events, we have created a successful partnership with Havas Media Group Portugal since 2013. With a relationship built on trust with both the company and their employees, we have been able to know this team well and understand how we can improve in each successive initiative, making them more innovative and getting greater involvement in all of our activities.