Águas de Portugal

The AdP Group operates in the environmental sector in Portugal with expertise in water distribution and sanitation of residual water.

In order to achieve this objective, and after fully understanding the objectives of the AdP Group, we created an array of tools to evaluate the first line managers that would avoid subjectivity in the evaluation. All of the managers were evaluated by a set of consultants with the intention of using the results of the evaluations as a factor in making future decisions within the company.

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We developed a straightforward relationship not only with the Human Resources department but also with the Board throughout the duration of the project. Along these three months, we were able to create a true partnership with the AdP Group.

"Neves de Almeida | HR Consulting perfectly understood our needs and presented a project with a solid methodology, adapted to our reality and to our specific goals to reach with this program. The consultants on this project were up to the challenge and created an environment characterized by the transparency and professionalism that facilitated the participation and support of the employees. The program ran normally and the feedback from the participants was very positive regarding both the methodology used and Neves de Almeida | HR Consulting’s consultants. There was a true partnership established between the human resources management and Neves de Almeida | HR Consulting, which contributed to the success of the program. The final information was made available in a very flexible and objective format that allowed for a lengthy analysis and cross-check of variables, which is essential to the decision making process."

Fernanda Marantes - CEO - Havas Media Group

Paulo Jorge Pinto da Silva
Director of Human Resources - Águas de Portugal


As with any evaluative methodology, and because this concerns people, it was important for us to possess the right instruments to address the objectives and needs of the organization. We knew that we were facing a great challenge when our proposal was selected by Águas de Portugal as the winner of a competition they held at the end of 2014.

Due to a restructuring process, the Group wanted to evaluate the first line managers and based on this information, we presented our proposal.
After holding several meetings with the Board, we developed a close relationship with AdP that allowed us to better understand their objectives and, therefore, recognize that we needed to alter our method to be able to address their goals.

Knowing where the Group wanted to go in the future, it was essential for them to understand which people had the greatest potential to help them achieve their objectives and vision. This knowledge served as the basis for redesigning our process.

Considering the subjectivity and sensitivity any assessment process can have, we created a methodology that was better aligned with the new information we received from the Group. We sought to quantify our observations as much as possible in order to allow for a more trustworthy comparison as opposed to more standard qualitative measures.

Throughout the three months of the project, we evaluated more than 100 employees of the Group in a transparent and transversal manner, utilizing a combination of specific tools that included a management case study specifically designed for Águas de Portugal.

Along the entire process, we continually followed-up and informed our key contacts of each and every step by way of constant meetings and reports. In the end, there were no objections related to the conclusions drawn and our assessment was used as a support in making decisions that the Group needed to urgently determine.