Our Success Stories

For more than two decades, we have helped our clients to overcome challenges and to realize their dreams. And, more than just a service provider, we become true partners, building lasting bonds with everyone with whom we work. Get to know some of our success stories and discover more about how we operate.

Águas de Portugal

In order to achieve this objective, and after fully understanding the objectives of the AdP Group, we created an array of tools to evaluate the first line managers that would avoid subjectivity in the evaluation. All of the managers were evaluated by a set of consultants with the intention of using the results of the evaluations as a factor in making future decisions within the company.

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Global Seguros

We developed a simple, clear and transparent performance evaluation system, tailored to the realities of the business, specific roles and strategic objectives of Global Seguros. Afterwards, we trained all of the Global Seguros staff on how to implement and understand this system.

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Havas Media Group

To realize this objective, we developed projects over several years, incorporating team building activities to stimulate cooperation and communication, as well as to promote the concept that together they could achieve more than they ever could separately.

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