“Hiring the best is your most important task.” — Steve Jobs

Finding the right people for your business makes all the difference.
We are pioneers in Portugal in the implementation of a retained search methodology for the purpose of recruiting middle management positions. Therefore, each project that we develop takes into account not only the specific requirements of the position but also the particular aspects of your organization’s culture, ensuring success in the final result.

Our search process consists of an exhaustive analysis of the market in order to present the best professionals for the desired position.

There are five distinct steps in our search process:
  1. Understanding of your company’s cultural and contextual needs along with the position in question.
  2. Definition of a target profile, including companies to approach.
  3. Telephone interviews to identify a candidate’s professional experience, academic background and motivations for a new professional challenge.
  4. In-person interviews conducted by a senior consultant to analyze and explore a candidate’s hard and soft skills, along with their reasons for interest in this particular project.
  5. Presentation of a short-list of final candidates with a detailed report about each one.

The relationship with our clients and candidates doesn’t end upon admission. After a candidate’s integration into your organization, we continue to follow their professional journey within your organizational structure.

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