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Exceptional leadership, building a strong team, finding and developing talent and providing unforgettable experiences for your clients are critical to the success of any organization.

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Each and every project we develop is based on our DREAM model – a five-step process that enables us to provide customized approaches to accomplishing your individual or organizational objectives.



Identify the critical challenges for your organization and the goals of the project.



Map out the best methods and tools to use for the project, as well as key metrics and key success factors.



Develop the internal communication along with the project’s key players in order to gain buy-in from everyone involved.



Implementation of the project.



Analyze metrics to determine potential readjustments and follow-up on the project, along with key players.

Our Solutions


We develop solutions adapted to your needs that will align and motivate your employees.


We recruit middle management positions using a retained search methodology, of which we are pioneers in Portugal.


Our training programs enable teams to develop new competencies or improve upon existing foundations.


Through assessments, we complete personal evaluations of your employees based on a set of critical competencies.

Team Building

With the help of team building events, we improve the interactions and team spirit of your employees, reinforcing cohesion and their ability to work together.


With our coaching sessions, we emphasize setting objectives, achieving results and managing personal growth.

Some of our Success Stories

Águas de Portugal

The AdP Group operates in the environmental sector in Portugal with expertise in water distribution and sanitation of residual water.

In order to achieve this objective, and after fully understanding the objectives of the AdP Group, we created an array of tools to evaluate the first line managers that would avoid subjectivity in the evaluation. All of the managers were evaluated by a set of consultants with the intention of using the results of the evaluations as a factor in making future decisions within the company.

Success Story - Havas Media Success Story - Havas Media Success Story - Havas Media

We developed a straightforward relationship not only with the Human Resources department but also with the Board throughout the duration of the project. Along these three months, we were able to create a true partnership with the AdP Group.

"Neves de Almeida | HR Consulting perfectly understood our needs and presented a project with a solid methodology, adapted to our reality and to our specific goals to reach with this program. The consultants on this project were up to the challenge and created an environment characterized by the transparency and professionalism that facilitated the participation and support of the employees. The program ran normally and the feedback from the participants was very positive regarding both the methodology used and Neves de Almeida | HR Consulting’s consultants. There was a true partnership established between the human resources management and Neves de Almeida | HR Consulting, which contributed to the success of the program. The final information was made available in a very flexible and objective format that allowed for a lengthy analysis and cross-check of variables, which is essential to the decision making process."

Paulo Jorge Pinto da Silva - Director of Human Resources - Águas de Portugal

Paulo Jorge Pinto da Silva
Director of Human Resources - Águas de Portugal

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Global Seguros

Global Seguros is an Angolan insurance company, founded nearly nine years ago.

We developed a simple, clear and transparent performance evaluation system, tailored to the realities of the business, specific roles and strategic objectives of Global Seguros. Afterwards, we trained all of the Global Seguros staff on how to implement and understand this system.

Success Story - Havas Media Success Story - Havas Media Success Story - Havas Media

We interviewed management and second line employees and, based on those interviews, created a Job Description Handbook and Competency Model that served as the foundation for the performance evaluation system.

“We believe that projects involving people management should be simple and practical in order to promote the adherence and involvement of everyone involved, so that they can be united in the realization of their success, including their complexity, if necessary. As we did not already have a performance evaluation culture, but wanted sophisticated tools for Global Seguros, it was necessary to understand the degree of maturity that existed in the company and delineate a strategy that involved all employees. In Neves de Almeida | HR Consulting, we found the partner we were looking for because we have the same manner of thinking: move from a simple base to a well-developed foundation, always taking into consideration everyone’s participation (from top to bottom and vice-versa).”

Domingas Filipe Rangel - Human Resources Director - Global Seguros

Domingas Filipe Rangel
Human Resources Director - Global Seguros

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Havas Media Group

Havas Media Group is one of the world’s largest global communications groups, specialized in media, digital communication and other services. We also developed projects with Arena and Havas Media, two of the commercial brands within the group.

To realize this objective, we developed projects over several years, incorporating team building activities to stimulate cooperation and communication, as well as to promote the concept that together they could achieve more than they ever could separately.

Success Story - Havas Media Success Story - Havas Media Success Story - Havas Media

The process started with a briefing and was followed by strategy meetings to look over various proposals until a consensus was reached as to which suggestion best addressed their needs. Leading up to the date of the event, we sent e-mail teasers to the participants and asked for them to provide us with some information related to the event, in order to pique their curiosity and get them involved before the activities began.

“Since 2013, Neves de Almeida | HR Consulting has been a fundamental part with the unconditional support they have given to Havas Media Group in all of the team building activities they have implemented. With an enormous capacity to fully understand our needs, expressed in the objectives of these actions, and the human resources profile in the Group, it reveals the creativity, capability, follow-up and professionalism that the Neves de Almeida team embraces in each challenge they face. Undisputedly, they are a true partner of Havas Media Group Portugal.”

Fernanda Marantes - CEO - Havas Media Group

Fernanda Marantes
CEO - Havas Media Group

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